<transcy>🤍 Our 2021-2022 specialist planners will be on sale from March 27 🤍</transcy>

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<transcy>General public agenda</transcy>

Our general public agenda is finally available! Whether you are retired, fall worker or just a well-organized person, this planner is sure to please you.

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<transcy>Microfiber masks</transcy>

Our reusable and washable masks are made from a high quality, anti-microbial and hypoallergenic microfiber fabric. The around-the-ear design is made from a soft polyester lycra for maximum comfort.

Little more: they are entirely made in Montreal!

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<transcy>Winter post-its</transcy>

The winter version of our cute post-its. If you like to write lists, you will be delighted!

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The planning guide is just perfect! This is the best and most beautiful guide I have had in 17 years of teaching. Thank you for understanding the needs of teachers. 😊

<transcy>Genevieve Moreau</transcy>

Wow 🥰 I've been looking for the perfect agenda for my bachelor's degree for a long time! This one is perfect! Colorful, fun, clean and well organized! There is everything you need to promote organization! I am really happy with the purchase! Great service too!


I received my planning book! In 31 years of career, it is the most beautiful that I have seen !!! I am really very happy! The quality of the paper is impressive and it looks so good !!! I will definitely order my last four from Pomme & Gribouillis !! You deserve an A ++++++

<transcy>Caroline david</transcy>

Votre agenda a changé ma façon d’organiser mon travail, mes finances, mes repas ! Tout! Même mes listes d’épicerie! Je ne m’en passe plus depuis le premier jour ! Vous faites partie de mon quotidien & j’en suis heureuse !


C'est ma 3e année avec vous et J'ADORE vos modifications !!! L'agenda est encore plus épuré, on peut cocher les surveillances et les choses à faire sur le côté n'ont plus de catégories (photocopier et à faire). J'en manque sûrement, mais wow, on dirait que vous avez lu dans mes pensées pour trouver les petites choses qui accrochaient, merci!!!! J'ai tellement hâte de connaître mon prochain contrat pour le remplir!!